HELP!!! My 18 month old just doesn't seem to like me anymore. She perfers her grandparents over me.

Kami Shea - posted on 04/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




To sum it up, I am a working mom with a part time job and I go to school 2 days out of the week. My daughter is with her grandparents quite a lot, which I see is getting her way attached to the point where I can't even pick her up because she throws a fit (screaming, crying) when I'm with her alone she comes to me gives me kisses (when I ask her) but it's as if no matter what, no matter if I am mommy, she will choose her grandparents over me. It hurts because I feel like a failure of a mom. In my mind I'm thinking that I'm doing something good by getting my career started and earning $$. Her dad does work and make most of the money, but we are so young and my paycheck does help. I just don't know if when she grows up she's going to be rebellious towards me and think that I just left her because I don't want anything to do with her. She's my baby I love her, She's my world I try to do everything to make her happy and laugh but no matter what, when the grandma grandpa card comes out I'm non-existent and a waste of a mother. Am I really a bad mother? Should I give up work and school to stay with her? Please help, I can't stand feeling the way I do anymore, It hurts. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Ally - posted on 04/18/2015




Hi I also have kids and also been in that situation and it seems to me that ur daughter is always going to be attached to grandparents no matter what two daughters are 6n 7 yrs old and would throw fits to stay with my mom n dad but they soon learn after a while it's time to go home n do the things their use to and like ..your not a bad mom if u need the money work n support your family but if u think u can do without then it's best to stay home with her and spend much time as possible she is little n wants attention don't feel bad the habit of her throwing fits will go away but when she's bigger she will be fine n she will know just don't give in ..remind her grandma's house our house so when u leave her talk to her even if u think she do not understand ..tell her why u leave her like mommy going to work love u pick y up later

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