2 1/2 year old will not stop throwing toys!! He has had multiple time outs at home and at


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My son was terribnle for throwing everything and he broke so many things, I tried time-out and taking toys away till later which definitely helped to give him the message. Also if we were at the shops (now is good before Christmas) and he saw something he really wanted I would say to him that "I would like to buy you that for Christmas but I am not buying any new toys because they will get broken, you can have it when you learn to not throw your toys." However dont have too high expectations, boys at that age are very impulsive and not many of their actions seem to pass through their brain first!! Make sure he does have things he can throw in a safe place, outside ball, take him there when he wants to throw stuff.

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I am going through that right now with mine I'm just taking the thrown item away for the day I figure he'll learn when he realizes he's out of toys.

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I think it is very common for toddlers, especially boys, to throw toys. When my three year old starts to throw things, I give him a warning, and if he throws again (within a time priod that he can remember), I put the toy up where he doesn't have access to it. Then I give him something apptopriate to do to work out his aggression. If he acts appropriately (doesn't throw toys), I give him the toy back later. Works great for me!

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Yeah you gotta love that phase, my little boy did that for awhile right around 2 and at first I said no and got frusterated with him and then I realized that maybe he kept doing this because of my reaction to him. I think he enjoyed getting a rise out of me and since he knew he was getting the same great reaction everytime he kept doing it. He may also just be curious and he thinks throwing toys is funny because of his curiousity and may not be intending to do the wrong thing. Or he may be frusterated or wanting attention and this is the only way he can display his emotion. I think you just need to look at the situation in which he behaves in this manner and react accordingly. If he is frusterated show him another way to effectively display his anger without being violent. If you think he is wanting attention get down to his level and play with him and show him a better way to use the toys. Sometimes the hardest thing is to keep doing what your doing which is letting him know it is wrong and by giving him a consequence which is timeout and eventually he will grow out of this phase!

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Thanx ladies, DearDaddy. I'm going to employ all the strategies immediately!!!!!!!

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When I've dealt with my son throwing toys, at first I would get upset and angry with him. But I've realized that it was something underlying, such as a way for him to show me that he's angry, or unhappy. It also may be that he wants attention. Watch his behavior before and after he is throwing toys, and go from there. If he's wanting attention, take him in your lap, grab the toy, and explain to him that he doesn't need to throw things to get your attention.

Try this, it helped me out tremendously!

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