Help! my 2 year old touches herself, what to do?

Julie - posted on 11/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




So...i tried to google this, but i didnt even know what to search for. i am hoping someone helps, or is going thru the same thing. im not sure if it is normal, i dont remember doing that at that age. Any who, so my daughter is 2, 3 in march. Lately, past few days she has been talking about her peepee. Like she touches it, and asks us to scratch it or lets the dog lick her. i dont know what to do. we tell her to stop and thats gross, but she dont listen. we know she hasnt been abused cuz her sitter is my parents.she loves to be naked from day one so we let her be naked while were in the house, or in our front yard. just not while we go to the store, park, etc. just home area. I dont know if we should keep her clothed as well, or if this would even be a issue?? just someone please help me, i dont know what to do, or what to tell my daughter, my husband and i havent told anyone, and dont know if we should. but also want to stop this before she goes to school next year.


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Don't let the dog lick her and tell her "no mummy and daddy don't scratch you there" but apart from that she's just discovered she has something else to touch,just like I'm sure she went through a stage when all she did was stick her finger up her nose. If you don't like it around you just move her hands and distract her,don't make a big deal of it, it's NOT naughty, dirty or wrong to touch your own, when she's a bit older you can say to her that its to do in privet not in the fount room. I can garentee there's not a 2 year old out there that hasn't poked at there bits!


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I'd be more concerned about a possible infection at this point. Is she in diapers still, or is she potty trained? If she's trained, you can "sort of" determine if it is a possible infection by seeing if her urine has a cloudy quality to it, and if you see that, you can have her checked for a UTI. Its always a good thing to double check that sort of thing anyway.

Otherwise, gentle redirection is the key. Self exploration is entirely normal

Ashley - posted on 11/20/2012




shes at the age that she needs to wear clothes. if your at home, let her run around in her diaper or underwear, but only in the house when there are no visitors, not in the yard. you said she hasnt been abused because her grandparents babysit, but sometimes you dont always know people as well as you think, and you also dont know who all is around when she is not with you. i would take her to the doctor just to be safe, and also because she might have an infection or something that is making her itch. she might just be curious, because she didnt know she had anything there. and dont let the dog lick her. hopefully, she is just curious, but you should still get her checked out since she itches, and make sure she doesnt have any kind of infection.

Constance - posted on 11/20/2012




Exploring is completely normal. However you do need to talk to her about what is appropriate and not. Don't make her feel like she is doing something nasty because she is discovering something new with her body. At this age it isn't sexual.

I have seven and all of them went through this.

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