Help!!! My 2yr old has to sleep with me and be held at night

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I'm a single mom and I know a part of me has spoiled my son BUT he use to sleep in his crib! But still wake up at night. Now he just wants to lay in my bed and he wakes up atleast once or twice for milk. Any suggestion on what I can do??
I was thinking of turning his crib into a toddler bed he never wants to be in his room and I want him to start sleeping through the night.
He's the best sleepr during the day but not at night :-(
Any suggestions I would appreciate

Thank You


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I used to co sleep but transitioned my daughter to her crib in her own room at six months old. I had to go through the following routine when she was old enough to get out of her bed and leave her room, which I think was at about 18 months. There's no reason why the same method (a Supernanny one) wouldn't work for a two year old as well.

Because he's 2, you can show him his new room and crib bed (definitely make it into a toddler bed first), explain that this is his own special place and make it sound like a great thing. If he has favorite toys, especially any that could have a pretend bedtime, put them in there. You can make an activity of making a toy 'bed' out of a cardboard box with a little blanket etc in it if this might work. My daughter is fixated on princesses in her toy bed at the moment, but there was a time when it was the conductor from Dinosaur Train, so whatever works!

When it comes to bed time, explain again that he will be sleeping in here but that you are not far away if he needs you. Go through your normal bedtime routine and put him to bed in the crib. Expect screams and tears, but be reassuring but firm that this is his bedroom and it's night time, so goodnight. Leave the room.

At first, I wouldn't bother going further than just around the corner from the door, because he's going to be straight back out of bed. When he's either banging on the door or opening it, go in, tell him in a firm but nice voice that 'it's bed time' and help him back into his bed. Leave the room again, even if you don't get very far. It's important not to end up railroaded into sitting/sleeping next to the bed etc.

When he jumps out again, return him again, telling him that it's bed time. For the third and all following times, just pick him up and put him back to bed but say nothing and do not make eye contact.

Expect to be at this for a while. The older the child when you start this, the longer it can take! When we did it with our daughter, my husband and I took turns being the one to take her back to bed, so that she knew we were an unbreakable united front. I think we had to take her back about 15 times, so actually she made it pretty easy on us.

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