Help! My 3 year old is going backwards instead of forwards!!! ughhhhhhhhh

Lonya - posted on 02/14/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone I need help. We are currently trying to potty train our 3 (in may) year old. She was completely pee only (meaning she always went poop in the big girl potty NEVER in her pull-up) for about a year now and we thought we were on a roll! We could never figure out how to get her to pee in the potty though! And now she is pooping again in her pull-up! What can we do? What caused the sudden change? Any Advice?


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Nea - posted on 02/14/2011




When my son was 2.5, I noticed that when he would get out of the tubby or something, then he would get on the potty, but if I were to put a diaper or a pull up on him, he would not go to the potty. One day, I went cold turkey and put his underware on him. He didn't like them at first, but he only had a few accidents over the first few days. And we haven't looked back. For him, he is such a busy little boy, I think that he enjoyed the comfort of having on his diaper as he wouldn't have to stop doing what he was doing to use the potty. He could just pee and keep on about his business. As soon as I took that away from him, he realized that he had to start using the potty. Now, if I could only get him out of diapers for nap/bed time! LOL! Good luck.

Oh yeah..not sure if you do, but with my daughter, I always took her to the potty with me when I went, and would put her on her potty. She liked being a "big girl like mommy".

Louise - posted on 02/14/2011




I have just toilet trained my 2 year 3 month old little girl. I went cold turkey on her and put her into pants all day long. She learnt within 3 days that she did not like being wet and she never pooped herself. My advice is do not use pull ups as it does not give your daughter the sensation of being wet and uncomfortable. these pull ups are designed to take wetness away from the skin to make the child more comfortable but how will they learn if they are never allowed to feel the sensation?

I started my daughter on a Monday and she had two accidents that day that is all as she very quickly caught on that wee running down your leg is not nice. I gave her a sticker every time she went for a wee in the toilet and then on day 4 I gave her a sticker and if she asked to go she got a smartie. We are now into week 2 with no accidents at all and she has been out of the house for short trips just in her pants.

I strongly advise you not to use these pull ups as they really do not help at all.

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