Help! my 3 year old wont go to sleep

Trinity - posted on 05/22/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Missy doesn't like to go to bed at night. sometimes i fall asleep before she does. she usually wakes up a couple of times at night for water then is up at 8am. she was napping in the afternoon but even after not napping she gets really tired at about 6pm but i try to keep her up until 830 so she isn't up at 5 am. Im just curious if I'm the only one.....


Tam - posted on 05/23/2015




My child wasn't a good napper but always slept well through the night. I wonder if she needs to try to keep napping so that she isn't tired so early in the evening. Maybe an afternoon catnap. Even if she laid down for 1/2 hr to rest maybe that would help her make it through evening. I recently bought essential oils, lavender, to put on my child and pillow, maybe try something that might keep her relaxed so she doesn't need to get up at night? Funny thing is how kids are all soo different, this sounds typical for some kids to be tired but not want to go to bed, and to get up couple times for drink, but maybe she just thinks she's going to miss something :D ??

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