Help My 6 1/2 year old has been in the Principal's office 3x this week!

Allyn - posted on 01/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 61/2 year old has an IEP in place at his school. He is very capable of doing the work, however has trouble focusing long enough to complete his work. He didn't have behavior issues before, but now he is. He is even refusing to complete his work in the principal's office, he just sits there and make noises. He was diagnoised with Mild ADHD, his father and my self do not want to medicate him. Im just finding it very difficult to figure out why he gets emotional in class and refuses to do the work even when offered help/redirection. He is saying the work is too hard and he can't focus. But the work is broken up and his teacher even gives him a guide sometimes. He's interrupting class and making car like sounds instead of completing the work. I am fustrated that the systems I've put in place are not working and feel like we're starting all over.


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Amber - posted on 01/31/2013




Have them give him 2 choices. Do this now or do not go to the playground. This will see if he is able to make appropate choices and will work him on the 1 step command they want.

As for the noises and other stuff use adult language. Say acceceptabe or unacceptable to see if he responds. They may need to differ around with the words but kids like your son like adult language.

Also try a sticker chart for wanted behavior. Only work on a couple at a time. Too many at once is too much. This will get him to understand the rules and recognize them.

Dont be affraid to something like if you are going to act like a baby i will treat you like one and what babys cant have. Your son is not as mature as they want him to be.

What are you doing for his migrains? If nothing you may want to consider a med. They were a life saver for us. My son had them so bad that he had some issues. Kids with ADHD have them incase you didnt know. Does he have any friends? Try therapy for his isolation. In a nice way to put it, as a kid the meds may not be so bad for him. You dont want him to always feel different. I was not going to, but for him i am glad i did.

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Sounds like he needs more one on one work. Is there a way for the school to provide that? Or maybe an after school program with a tutor?

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