help my adhd son is in kindergaurten and acting inappritate in school

Jessica - posted on 10/06/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi my son is six years old gotten diagnose with adhd just before his 5th birthday when entering preschool, anyway he started kindergarten this year and acting a little odd then he has in the previous schooling years. he's very energetic and loves to help the teachers. hes find in all his other classes except his man class room.. 3weeks in to school he got sent to the principle office for lying and taking things that don't belong to him.. find dandy had no problem with that hes a normal kid getting into things kids want that don't belong to him. well just last week my son was touching another student inappropriately and got suspended for two days from school. my hubby and I are really stunned of that he was doing that no only once did he act inappropriately but twice... dunno what day the first time happened, but the second time was the same student on the day i go the phone call from the teacher i have a meeting next week about his actions with the principle. I'm so worried about him acting this way he's been going to school since 2 days after his third birthday with no history of such behavior like this. when talking to him he laughs about it and don't understand whats happening. then tells us differently of what he doing when he tells the principle of what he just did. i'm so distraught that i even took him down to the mental hospital to have them talk to him to see if they can get him to talk since he was having a hard time tell us. like he would get into trouble, but by the time we went down there he meds wore off and he was "bouncy off wall" by the time we talk to the doctor. he couldn't sit still long enough to stay focus. we dont know where,when or who he picked up off from he wont tell us. i'm having a very difficult time talking to him about this. and i dont know what to do i need ideas of how to talk to him. i feel like the parent of the student may think we're "bad parents" for him to act like this, but honestly were not and we try to stay on top of things and get him the help he needs to make sure he succeed in life. we had him in wrap-around services for 2 1/2 years...and was discharged this year in july with very little problematic issues to be majorly concern with at home, school and community environments. so i don't know why he acted this way and where he picked it up from.. i'm very confused and very worried about him.. please help us!!!!!!

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