Autistic son is terrified of the shower....evey night is an almost ten minute battle to get him in the shower, it leaves me drained and upset, as I hate to see him so distressed....but am determined not to give into his protests. He really needs to shower as he spends alot of time in the garden,usually naked!!!!


Beth - posted on 04/03/2012




Is he less upset with a bath? It takes a little longer, but may cause him less anxiety. I started my son this way, then started using the shower attachment to just wash his hair- (which used to be a draining and upsetting experience for both of us). Now, anytime one of us is going to take a shower, he wants to come in with us. (He is not yet 4). Forcing him into the situation will not make him less terrified or anxious. If you have a detachable shower head, take it off and allow him to shower with the water source closer to him. I think it could be the noise of the shower and/or the force of the water hitting his skin. May need to use a large cup and he can pour the water over himself to rinse.

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