HELP -My baby gets so angry, cries so hard, her eyes roll back!?!? What's going on here.

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My 9 month old daughter has been getting angry when she gets hurt or something gets taken away. Her anger turns into a kind of rage and her cry becomes silent and she involuntarily holds her breath and her eyes rolls back in her head. This freaks me out. Yesterday it turned into her passing out completely! The doctor said its a Breath Hold Spell, but I still don't understand this phenomenon, eyes rolling and so on. Also, I wonder if its connected to when she was in the womb, I remember her having tiny, tiny little seizures. If its a neurological thing, then does it mean it comes from me???


Jodi - posted on 08/03/2013




How can you "remember" her having seizures in your womb?

The fact is, you are often not going to understand what your child is doing. Going into a rage is the way they express anger, because they can't use words. I don't know what your doctor means by a breath hold "spell", that's a bit weird, but it isn't unusual for babies and toddlers to hold their breath. Passing out is the body's way of handling this.


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Victoria - posted on 08/03/2013




Often a child acting out like this can be for two reasons. One is self frustration where you need to find an object or toy that your child really likes but is not aloud to have on a everyday basis and use it when the rage starts to redirect attention. They will be happy to have something the dont get all the time and move on. Or second they are usingrage to react bc it grabs your attention.As hard as it is walk away out of childs sight yet where u can still monitor your child. The lack of attention will show the child they do not benefit from acting out but quite the opposite.

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