Help, my baby's brain stopped growing.

Raquel - posted on 11/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Within hours of my baby girl getting her 4 month vaccines she completely changed. Stopped smiling, no longer could hold head up or sit up, no longer played, started arching back horribly, having seizures , etc. After 2 months of seeking help and answers from her Pediatrician and being told we are over protective we seen another doctor and found out her brain stopped growing at 4 months of age and she has a few cysts on her brain. However the doctors gave up and tried putting her on hospice instead of admitting and helping us reverse the damage from vaccines. I have seeked out other doctors. Changed her diet to goats milk and home made organic baby food as well as clay baths and detox baths and lots of stretching and massaging with coconut oil. However I am wondering what else I could do. I know baking soda will help the pH levels I put it in every bath but wonder what else I can do. Any suggestions will help.

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