Help my child and me deal with his disorders!

Brigitte - posted on 10/06/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 7 yr. Old is hoh since birth, wears hearing aids. Has learning disabilities, speech problems, and I've known for a few yrs. Now he has adhd,odd,etc. But I was never able to see bout getting him on meds or talk to a dr. Bout it cause his father with against meds in kids. I mean I don't like the fact either but I'm his mom and wants what is best for him. To be checked out. Now we r no longer together and somethings went on and the kids lost their medical cards and now I'm having hard time getting medical cards back to have him seen by a dr. And dr. Won't c him til I have insurance for them. Cause dr. R so expensive. But anyway I've read up online bout all of these adhd, odd, aspergers and he has all of it. And I've been trying anything and everything for long time (yrs.) Now to help him and help me. With all these things it's been more then a handful. And I work full time also. I just don't now what else I can try. I'm never giving up on my children they r my life. I'll go to the grave if need be til I go d a way to help him though this. Plz plz if u can help me I would greatly appreciate it so much. At least for my child. He deserves a great life. I have a wonderful fiancee now that helps me out more then their own father ever did. That is a big plus to me. At least I know I'm not alone.

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