Help!!!! My daughter is highly over weight. I need ideas of good healthy snacks, meals, ect. That my kids will actually eat!!!

Cheryl - posted on 04/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 year old daughter is very overweight, I need help finding a way to get rid of the frozen nuggets, boxed noodles, and canned veggies. I need help finding good healthy food that my kids will actually eat, I'v tried new healthy things but usually it gets thrown on the ground with a frown! I"m on a tight budget and will take any suggestions on how to help my lil girl become healthy again! I"m very concerned!


Cecilia - posted on 04/06/2013




The thing with kids is if you go on a strict here's some carrot sticks routine they are going to turn their nose up to it. You have to slowly get them into it. Make healthy food fun. My best trick is honestly to cut food with cookie cutters. Use very colorful food. If you need to use food dye! Almost anything can take on dyed color (even turned ham green so we could have green eggs and ham before, I had to let it soak for 2 days though lol)

Make whole wheat pancakes more fun by adding fruit, make them into hearts or what ever shape she likes, instead of syrup just sprinkle a tiny bit of powdered sugar on.

Start a small garden with her. Even if the only space you have is a small window frame. Children who grow their own veggies have been proven to be more likely to eat them. Cherry tomatoes or beans are a nice easy start. Also allowing her to help you prepare might get her more motivated to eat it.

I have to agree to making your own nuggets. Throw a tsp of baking soda into the flour and it makes a great crispy baked chicken. Buy frozen veggies instead of canned, you get more for your money also.

You can also buy frozen fruit, which is great for do it yourself smoothies. (all you need is plain yogurt, fruit juice of choice and some fruit) Yes it's still a little high in sugar but its a start for her eating on the right track. Also don't feel like a horrible mother for adding cheese to broccoli. I still do it for my teens. I'd rather them eat some higher fat broccoli than none at all. The extra fiber will make up the difference.

As far as budget goes, most people don't realize that many times by simply cooking dinner every night you save so much money. A small bag of chicken nuggets is $6 here.(yes I'm guilty of buying them also) For $6 I can actually feed Everyone in my house dinner (7 family members) a full chicken dinner.

Last tip, Don't feed her things you won't eat. She needs to see you eating these things for her to even have a slight interest in them. Don't hand her a huge plate of healthy food to start. Only require that she taste everything on her plate.

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Don't give in to the throwing of food on the floor. She is 3 and you are the parent. Don't buy the junk food and only buy healthy options.

You can make your own "nuggets" by getting chicken pieces and dipping them in egg and some flour. Put them on a baking try and cook them in the oven. You can add some seasoning to the flour for more taste as well.
Get some noodles and make a stir fry with strips of any meat and loads of fresh vege's. Add a splash of oyster sauce, soy sauce and some garlic for a very tasty meal. Just make sure you aren't too heavy handed with the oil.

Make sure you get rid of the deep fryer (if you have one) and use the oven instead. Don't use a lot of oil when cooking and swap the canned vege's for frozen or fresh. I find the frozen ones great because they obviously last longer so we don't throw out as much.

Google healthy recipes and there will be thousands of results. You just need to show her that you are the parent and what you say goes. She won't starve herself so ignore the tantrums and sit at the table to eat.


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