Help my exes house is unsanitary

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Ok my ex fiancé and I have been seperated broken up for almost 12 years now he's remarried I am not and we have an eleven year old son together that he sees every other weekend. I don't know how clean he keeps his house and really I don't care except it is effecting our son. Every time our son spends the night at his house he comes home with flea bites and I have addressed that serveral times with my ex. He's cleaned his sheets so he says and he's sprayed. So it was fine for a few weeks no bites and than this past Sunday I see a huge round mark on his arm and Lo and behold with help of the Internet and our pediatrician its a spider bite! What?!? I treat it with cortisone and the rash goes way down but day two and he is now experiencing pain in his arm. His pedi says to treat it with ibprofen and an ice pack. Now my ex knows that he gotten bitten by a spider we first thought it was ringworm but I haven't adressed with him that this came from his house. I discovered this on Sunday the day he came from his house. I would like to say "I am sorry he can no longer spend the night at your house bc your place is unsanitary." I wish it were that easy but I am afraid that would fall into a huge fight plus him calling his lawyer.. What do I do? I desperately need some advice from a mother to another? Please help..

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Right it's just this is starting to become a regular thing, everytime he spends the night he is eaten up by fleas.. I took pictures to prove it. His house is just unsanitary. I will contact a lawyer to see what options I have thanks :)

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You should contact your lawyer. You are right that you can't just decide that your son can't stay there at all, that is up to a judge.
A lawyer will be able to tell you if you are able to do anything legally.
I'd say you won't be able to but I'm not a lawyer and have no idea about the laws where you are. Children can get spider bites at any home or just playing outside so I don't see this being a good reason to prevent the overnight visits.

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