HELP! my four year old always wants what he doesn't have! HELP

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Is it normal for a four year old to focus on nothing but the negative? I've tried redirecting, tried to get him to see the things he DOES have...tried talking to him like he's a big boy. (which I sort of knew wouldn't work) It's making me CRAZY!!! (for instance) We have Toy Story 2 and 3 he wants to watch 1. BUT he wants to watch it only after he finds out that we returned it, before he he knew he couldn't have TS1 he wanted he's inconsolable because he wants 1. =/ This happens with EVERYTHING. He doesn't want to leave the house, but once we're out he doesn't want to go home, he wants a Popsicle but after he bites it it's broken and he wants a new one. He picked out the red car at the store and now that we're home he wants the yellow car he had at the store and not the red one anymore....and he will literally whine and cry for HOURS over this stuff. Do I put him on time out? *sigh* wth? how do I break these behaviors, and WHY does he have them? What is the developmental need here? If I don't respond correctly will he grow up and always look for greener grass? How can I teach him to be happy with the things he has in life, and not always look for something better? OR is this all just me over thinking a normal kid behavior?


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