Help my life is being torn apart

Stephanie - posted on 09/04/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a huge problem and feel like either way I lose. My husband and I have been married for just over 4 years now. He has 3 kids from previous and I have 1 then we have 1 together. I knew it was never going to be easy but I love him and figured we could work it all out. It all changed about 3 years ago when his daughter then at the time was 12. I was more then happy for her to move in. It went alright for awhile obviously she had to adjust to our rules being very different from her mom's house. Her mom would play games with her to make her feel bad about moving out. Then she got into a fight with her group of friends at school that's where the real problems began. Of course she went rushing back to her mom's and nothing we could say would stop her. Then the oldest ended moving in that summer a few months later. She was just going to start her sophomore yr then. Now this one was a lot of more hard. She is rude and doesn't listen to anyone or anything but still who am I to say no your kids can't live with us. Now the other one has came back and has gotten herself into even more trouble. Fights suspended from school etc. Every single day there are fights in our house. And they are both so rude and so mean to everyone I can't take it anymore. We had to put a lock on our bedroom door bc money was being stolen. I have to hide make up body spray even my brand new never worn special 75 dollar victoria secret bra is gone off the dryer. I can't even take the younger 2 kids (7 & 4) outside to play with doing a walk thru and hiding everything in bedroom and locking it. I left my husband the other night when his daughter told me to shut the hell up and mine my own business. That was final straw for me I can't continue to put myself and my kids in this situation any more. And my husband tries he is constantly fighting with them they just call him names and ignore him. We punish and they go to there mom's for the weekend she buys them stuff and let's then do as they please. I think they should go back to love with there mom or we are gonna have to divorce. And I hate saying that that is not the person I am but it's got to the point where my own children are suffering not just me. My husband says he wants to send them back but when he told them they said they would never talk to him again. I doubt they will do that bc they will want shoes or clothes or money for something. I would never send my daughter to live with her dad and probably punch my husband in the face if he asked me :/ so how can I possibly live with myself for making him do this?? I don't want to I just know I cannot live this way. They were told 6 months ago if thingo didn't get better this would happen and nothing changed. Will someone please help me!?!?!?!

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