HELP! my mother in law is a pain in my butt these days!

Crystal - posted on 05/15/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok so the other day i put on fb that i regret moving to where we did! (all closer to kellys family) shortly after we moved his mother moved up here with her fiance! she has changed into a completely different person! well the other day we got into a bit of an arguement about our financial situation and she pretty much said a whole bunch of mean stuff. i am a sahm and i go to school PT! our son is two and we are expecting another one! she pretty much said that i should be working and that i dont respect her son and she cant believe we are having another child when we are struggling now! we will be expecting our second and last child in dec 2012! me and her son both think she has completely changed! i want to just aviod her but i no with his family relationships i cant! and with the way she tells everybody everything im sure her mother and daughter and everybody else knows a lie!i just am sad and very upset at the things she said! i dont no what to do because i cant express my feelings without everbody being mad!


Katherine - posted on 05/17/2012




Write them a letter and say how you feel, don't leave anything out, then burn it. At least you'll get to vent....just a suggestion. Usually writing things down and getting it out helps a lot.


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Crystal - posted on 06/08/2012




happy mama... sorry i dont get on here much... but i mentioned to her that we are struggling on bills.. that is the only way she no about our finances and other than that i have learned to keep our relationship out our talks.. and her son dont tell her much about our relationship!

Happy - posted on 05/18/2012




I have a MIL that I hate, yes hate! She is as nosey and rude as they come. She's not real fond of me either so there's no love loss or anything. With that being said, why can't you just avoid her? I do with mine all the time. To be honest, I avoid her like the plague! We speak ONLY when we have to! When those times happen, we are very cordial and civil to each other but we have spoken, maybe, 5 sentences to each other in the last several years.

BTW, how does she know about your finances in order to have an arguement with you about it? Are you telling her about the struggles in your marriage or id your husband OR do y'all not keep certain things private? Any one of those 3 is a MAJOR problem and needs to be handled.

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