Help! My nearly 2yr old has started crying at bed time!

Zoe - posted on 11/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 22month old has suddenly started to cry and scream when i put her to bed,she stands up and wont lie down,when i get her too lie down i kiss her good night and leave. I do go back in and try and settle her when she kicks off. doing the same as before.kiss and leave!!

she use to go down no probs,a kiss a wave and not a sound till 7am.

she goes to bed at 8ish and has a nap during the day.

what has happened?? i cant think of any thing that would be upsetting her.

could really do with sum advice as i feel im being cruel by leaving her to settle herself.



Heidi - posted on 03/12/2011




My little girl did exactly the same for the first time last night! She is 22 months old as well and always been a good sleeper. She has got her bottom 2 eye teeth coming through and I'm hoping this is a temporary blip due to that so maybe your little girl maybe having the same thing?
Nothing has changed in her routine, no new people etc! I'm letting her cry it out with me going in and just 'shhhhh-ing' and letting her see my face but not touching, I left her for 5 mins and went in, then about 10 mins next time, then a few mins longer and so on, after 40 mins in total she is now asleep so I'm hoping it's a faze due to the teeth but I'll be keeping an eye in case anyone post a useful suggestion on here!
Stick with it x

Kristin - posted on 11/03/2010




Has she got all her teeth? If not, that could be it and you just need to stick to the routine until they are all in.

Has anything in her routine changed lately? New home, new daytime caregiver, new foods? All good things to look at. What about a new bedtime routine? Does she need a new nightlight?

Ultimately, she will go to bed again. Be strong, stick with the routine. Just keep laying her back down. If you don't want her to sab it out alone, you could sit in the room for a few days. Then the door way, and then the hall where she can see you; but stay only if she is laying down.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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