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Lucy - posted on 12/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My partner has just moved out. We have only been living together for 6 months. In that time, his ex (they split up 6 years ago) has been harrassing him constantly and has now stopped him from seeing their children. She has found every way possible to create friction. He has been a good father and pays 100s a month. I don't get what her issue is. I am angry with him for not dealing with things very well. I am so disappointed with how things have turned out. He waited until I was at work on Thursday and snook all his clothes out. My grown up children were here, he didn't care that this might have impacted on them. I'm so disappointed with everything that he brought to the table. How can everything go so wrong in such a short time.

I had a very traumatic abortion 4 months ago, he dealt with my tears fine and then when I was tired and angry and devastated, he took all of his things and moved out, just when I needed him most. Since then everything has focused on his ex. She has been awful. Her (the ex) step dad assaulted him 2 weeks ago. He doesn't' know whether or not the eldest child is his because she admitted to having an affair during the time of conception. She still hounds him for more money for him, when he sent a solicitors letter suggesting that if she wasn't happy with the arrangement then they should go through the CSA and get a DNA test so that every one knew what was an acceptable amount to pay. She just went mad. I couldn't cope with the harrassment. I am so angry. With all of them. What a mess

When he left, it was a few hours before he was due to travel up country to attend a big Xmas function with his colleagues. Prior to him moving out, I said that i wasn't happy about the details and would have rather he chose not to go. He lied about wasn't just his work colleagues. He and his colleagues had arranged to meet a bunch of women up there. His boss (whose wife has recently given birth) is having an affair and the whole function was arranged so that he could have a weekend with this other woman. I'm disgusted that my partner went along with this. Having seen the photos of that night, all the women look really rough.


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