HELP!! my son constantly moans and throws tantrums!

Roxanne - posted on 07/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi, my son is now 17 months old and has been throwing at least 3 tantrums a day for the last month or so. How do i get him to stop? I spend most of my time stressed and moody because of this and he is most definitely picking up on it. i am a single mum, so dont even get time to myself just to take a short timeout. :(


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Neva - posted on 07/30/2011




Sounds like the terrible two's are starting a little early. The best way to get a child to stop throwing tantrums is to not give in to them. Children usually throw tantrums because they don't have the language yet to express what it is they want and to get their way. If you give into them, then they figure out that tantrums work, so they will throw more of them. Children become more irritable and fussy if they are hungry and tired, so if that is the case, then either feed him or put him to bed. If that is not the case and he just wants his way, then simply walk out of the room when he starts throwing a tantrum and give him attention only when the tantrum is over with. If it is not safe to walk out of the room, simply pick him up and put him in his crib until the tantrum is over, then go to him when he is calm. Being a single Mom is hard. Keep reading to him, talking to him, pointing out things to him when he is not having a tantrum so that he develops language. Terrible two's don't last forever and the less attention he gets for tantrums the quicker they will disappear. Remember that it is a process, consistency is the key his behavior won't change over night, but if you are consistent in ignoring tantrums and giving attention when he is behaving well you will both end up happier.

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