help my son is 22 months old and can undo the buckle on his car seat i cant seem to find a guard to stop him from pressing the button on his britax car seat any one got any advice on what to do


Katherine - posted on 09/10/2012




There is an easy and inexpensive way to fix this: add snaps right under the chest clip. I used Pliers for snaps $10 at walmart (Plier Kit For Assorted Snaps) and some perl colored snaps $2 (about 10 pieces). After adjusting my toddler's seat belts I marked with a pen right under the chest clip. Took him out, pulled buckles all the way up out of the way and attached one snap on each belt right under the line I made earlier. I placed the snap more to the edge rather then in the middle in case my son goes all hardcore on me then I'll be able to add another snap next to it. So far he hasn't been able to pull it down with just one snap on each belt so we are good. That is it!

As he grows his chest piece will be going up so I won't need to remove those snaps at all.

P.S. Make sure you move chest piece up(not down) before adding snaps. Also working with those pliers for the first time can be tricky (as with any new tool). Practicing on a piece of denim may be a good idea.

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