Help! My son is afraid of underwear! :S

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Hi. I live in Puerto Rico, and I have a son who is 2 years and 5 months old. I am also pregnant and I'm due in November. I started potty training my son in June during my summer vacation "comando" (with nothing on) and using pull-ups at night (to get him in the idea of underwear). He got to the point of going to the bathroom on his own for #1 and saying when he needed to go #2. Problem? I got him underwear and he makes a fit everytime I try to put it on. And now, he doesn't say anything when he has to go, and although he doesn't wet himself much (which is kind of good), he doesn't go to the bathroom (puddles of mess). Can anyone give me advise, since I go back to work in August, and I don't want to get him back in diapers. :(


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I don't have any advice, but I will share my story. ;)

My son potty trained himself while in diapers. It was completely up to him when he went and when he didn't. He would have 2 or 3 days straight where he would use the potty every time. Then a day where he would go hide in my room to poop in his daiper. Didn't matter to me cuz he was in diapers, so no mess and entirely his choice.

I noticed that he was completely potty trained (no 'accident's whatsoever) about 3-4 months before he turned 3, but he would NOT wear his underwear. Wouldn't even keep it on for more than 2 seconds before pulling it off and wanting a diaper again. It was actually his two sisters that got him to start wearing underwear. One day they both had plain white panties on, so he wanted to be 'like them' and started wearing his single pair of white underwear. lol.... I went right out and bought a pack of JUST white pairs. Then he slowly started wearing his Cars and Toy Story pairs. Then slowly got into wearing some of the others.

Even though he was night trained at the same time he was day trained.... he wouldn't wear underwear at night until we ran out of diapers (couple weeks past his 3rd birthday). The first night in underwear he whined for about 10-15 minutes wanting a diaper, but there were no diapers so he finally settled down and went to sleep. He's been diaper free ever since..... about 3 months now.

I don't know if you can take anything useful from that or not, but it's all I've got. :)


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maybe since he is use to going commando boxers would work. since they kinda feel commandoish.

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Thanks for the reply Teresa... I would have given it more time if I had it. By the way, I've noticed that when he has to do #2, and he has his diaper on, he says something and we rush him to the potty. But he doesn't do #1, probably because he doesn't feel it. But thanks for the story :) Now I know I'm not the only one! :)

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