HELP!!!! My son is doing more that experimenting?

Stephanie - posted on 11/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son has been caught touching little girls..... He was first caught at daycare when a little girl told her dad that he had his privates out and was touching her in her privates.

He's 8 years old, and I've tried to work with him on this, and have even got him counseling. He understands what he is doing in wrong, but he won't stop! He has full on molested my best friends daughter a month or so ago, and though my friend and I talked about it, her daughter brought it up again yesterday. The little girl said, "is he going to be at Stephie's house? cause he showed me his weenie and touched me, I don't want to see him."

She is only 3 years old, and has no idea whats going on. My 8 month old suddenly has the weird scratches on her hip underneath where her diaper closes and I'm worried that he is getting to her too. His father said that I shouldn't worry about it and to let it go, but my baby's well being is at stake! I don't know if I'm being paranoid or what anymore. And no one is listening to me because I'm his step mom. I'm just sick to my stomach about all of this and his birth mother won't listen. She thinks that I'm out to get her or something, so she just blew it off, and won't continue the counselling. So he's only getting 2 days of counselling per month and its doing nothing. I just don't know what to do and feel like pulling my hair out in frustration!!!!!!


Denikka - posted on 11/16/2012




You may need to step in and do something more drastic than counselling. I would suggest calling an abuse hotline, especially if you can find one that specializes in molestation. Ask their advice.

What I would do, is probably call the cops. It seems to me that there is a fair chance that this little boy is being molested himself, or has been molested in the recent past. As a general rule, kids don't act like this. Yes, they may experiment, *show me yours, I'll show you mine* type of thing. But not to the level you're describing. This needs to be dealt with, IMMEDIATELY. And if you don't do something, someone else will. Your friend, or someone at the daycare could very easily call in and potentially start an emotional avalanche with extreme consequences.

Until that point though, you need to keep this boy away from his victims. He should not be around your friends child at all, and he should NEVER be alone with your daughter or any other little girl, Just like with any molestation situation, you do NOT continue to put the abuser with his previous victims and you do NOT give them a chance to create new victims.

I realize this may be difficult for you, I don't blame the little boy here, and you shouldn't either, but he IS dangerous and he does need to get help. If his parents won't step up and deal with it, you'll have to. If you don't, either someone else will, or this will continue and just get worse.


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Dove - posted on 11/16/2012




Call the police or CPS right now. This boy needs REAL help and protection and the other children he is hurting need help and protection too. I would also NEVER leave him alone in the same room as your baby under any circumstances. If his parents won't step up and get him the help he so desperately needs.... it makes me wonder if they are just in denial or if they KNOW why he may be doing this and are covering up for someone (like themselves).

Honestly, for your husband to not be reacting over this the way you are.... I wouldn't leave HIM alone with the baby either.

Jazmyne - posted on 11/16/2012




I'd personally file a police report. That is way wrong. Your *baby* is in harms way. You need to do all you can to protect her and if it comes to it, don't allow your step son in your house until he stops. He may be only 8 now, but it *will* get worse!

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