Help! My son is starting Nursery in 6 weeks, but only if he is 100% potty trained in the day.

Tracey - posted on 10/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi moms and Dads, Advice is really needed.

My son turns 3 on the the 10th Nov and is starting school on the 12th, but only if he is 100% potty trained in the day.

We have mastered the weeing (only the odd accidents now) But i cant seems to break him from pooing his pants.

i have tried a rewards chart, saying 'you cant go school if you keep pooing your pants' etc

Not sure what more I can do, He will go and do a poo in the pot If He is running about with no pants on, But as soon as he is wearing something, thats when the problems start.

thanks for reading, hope someone can help or maybe in the same boat as needs the same advice



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Elfrieda - posted on 10/01/2012




Is it a mental block? My son is also mostly there with the #1, but he couldn't seem to do #2, he would wait until he was in his diaper for night, or he'd go right in his underwear and then be horribly upset. (and I don't scold him, I just say, "Oh, poop spill, too bad.") The reward system didn't work, the 'you're a big boy' talk didn't work, it seemed like he just couldn't do it.

Finally two days ago I tried a different way of talking about it, "Oh, your bum is trying to push some poop out." instead of "You're pooping! Sit here on the potty and try to push the poop out." (And I stopped rushing him to the potty every time he started straining. I figured, it never makes a difference anyway, and it's obviously stressing him out, so I might as well not do it.) So it was him and me on the same team, waiting for his silly bum to cooperate. It made a HUGE difference in his attitude immediately, and yesterday he requested a potty break and shouted "bum push poop out!" and sure enough, there it was. I hope he does the same thing again today.

Bobbie - posted on 10/01/2012




He sounds ready to me! Since you have been training him for a while chances are you noticed that he does his business at around the same time every day. Usually I find that they don't do this until in the afternoon. So if he has morning class you won't have a problem. As soon as he gets there and sees what fun it is to ask to go to the bathroom he will show a lot more interest in it. Actually children seem to hold it in during school and need to rush to the bathroom as soon as they are once again in their home.

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