help my soon to be 5 year old wont stop talking to strangers i have read him books had his preschool teacher talk to him and really tryed to get him to understand the danger of what he is doing. today i found him in the yard next door (these people are vacationers so we dont know them) i told him he had to stay inside with his little brother. my husband found out later from the man that our sin had been over there 2 more times. what do i do i dont know how to get him to really listen?


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Katherine - posted on 03/12/2012




Maybe you should start a rewards chart? It may help him focus on what's better for him.

User - posted on 03/12/2012




we go over and over all that i am a teacher and i have taught this is many children and it seem to work with others. my 2 year old wont talk to people he doesnt know. but dominick even as a baby didnt cry when handed to another person. he knows the answers to the questions and he will say you dont talk to strangers but for some reason when it comes to the real deal he doesnt seem to hold onto those values. i really am at a loss. tonight i ended up crying when trying to tell him the real danger this could cause i dont do that but i think i am just at my wits end and dont know what to do!

Katherine - posted on 03/12/2012




Older children probably know a little more about stranger danger through schools or other activities in the community or on the news. Yet, it is suggested to be sure your child in this age group be made well aware of the top things to never do…

Talk to strangers.

Open the door when someone is knocking or ringing the bell.

Leave mom’s side at the store or when we are somewhere outdoors.

Go outside without an adult.

Go with a stranger who can’t find his dog, wants to give you candy, wants to show you something, wants to give you money, etc.

Approach a strange car, even if they know mom’s name or your name.

Many parents have successfully used a family code word, this word is one only the family knows. In case of an emergency the adult can give that to a trusted friend or family member the child doesn’t know to indicate a safe person. It is imperative children understand to never give that word out to anyone.

In this age group you can also go over those who are safe people. If children get lost or there is a problem with a strange adult, children should feel safe approaching individuals who are

Safety officers such as police, fire, security guards, and EMT.

Store personal


Mail carriers

Mothers with children

Office staff, those working behind the desk of an office building.

This will give your children the option of running to others who are not intending to harm them, if an incident occurs when the child is alone, gets lost or is separated from their parent.

Go over all of these points with him. Ask him a lot of questions. Such as, "Are you supposed to go to the neighbors?" Do you know what a stranger IS?

Do you know someone can hurt you? In my town we used to have a Safety Town where they taught these things. I would see if you have something like that where you live.

Main points to address:

Talk to children about “Safe people. E/li>

Use a code word.

Go over screaming and tactics to fight and get away from a stranger.

Make sure they know to always stay with a group or other children if they have to walk home from school or want to play outside.

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