Help::: My three year thinks he has to take his pants all the way off too use the potty

Gambrell - posted on 02/06/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




And he has to have my help to put them back on how to fix these please help he strats school in august


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I think that's normal, and most kids will stop taking them all the way off when they have fully mastered going potty on their own for a while. You still have a good six months for him to practice getting on and off the potty, and also to practice getting his pants up and down himself. Just keep helping him practice doing it. When my son was first potty trained he took off ALL his clothes, even socks, every single time he went potty. I have no idea why, but he grew out of it in a few months' time. Like Andrea said, the more independence they learn in the redressing process, the more they realize it's a hassle to themselves so they eventually stop doing that. Also, sometimes when a child is very small, if they're sitting on a toilet rather than a training potty, they need to take their pants off all the way to spread their legs far enough to steady themselves on the seat without falling in. Even if he's using a training potty, it may just be a matter of normal motor development. If he still sits down to pee he may still lack the balance to bend over, sit, stand with his legs confined by pants around the knees. Most small children still keep their feet spread wide to maneuver like that without falling over. That he will definitely outgrow very soon.

Andrea - posted on 02/06/2014




They all do at that age.. it is just teaching and showing them how to pee with out taking pant all the way off.. It is tricky and sometime a pain in our behind.. lol.. But my oldest 6 now only take his half way off, my 4 almost 5 year old, well she is figuring it out that it takes longer to get back to playing if she takes them all the way off so that has helped.. Also if we as moms stop and think it is our faults that they take them all the way off, stop and think how did we change diapers, Took pants all the way off, when we first start potty training, we take pants all the way off.. LOL.. It took me training to kids to stop and think about what I was doing to add to them taking pants all the way off.. SO I am and very very hopeful that when I start with my 12 month old that I can get him to train with pants half way on.. LOL... Hope this is helpful.. Best wishes, and take care

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