Help my toddler won't eat! Am I to soft ?

Zoe - posted on 12/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, thanks for reading!
I have a 3 and a half year old boy who just won't eat teas! Iv tried everything! He is hungry, asks for bars and treats but won't eat any meal! Iv tried changing his meals around, changing times, bribery, hard discipline. Everything but he just never wants to eat!
Feeding him tea takes hours because every mouthfuls is a struggle!
If I let him away with no tea an hour later he is hungry wanting a bar, still won't eat his tea.
I tried the "if he is hungry he Will eat" but he just ends up happily skipping tea every night. Then losing weight.
Iv tried making meals fun
Finger foods just everything
He will eat junk but h I so light and often sick I am worried about his nutrition
I write this as he is in time out for the 6th time this meal already an eaten two mouthfuls


Michelle - posted on 12/15/2013




Don't buy any of the snacks or make sure they are completely out of sight. Put them in your room.
Show him there aren't any snacks around. Don't turn meal times into a battle either. Let him know that he has to eat his meal before he gets anything else and leave it at that. Don't talk to him or bring attention to him not eating. Ignore him if he complains, just carry on with eating yourself.
Do you sit down as a family for meals? If not maybe you should so he sees everyone else eating the same things.

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