Help. . . My two year old isn't speaking properly yet

Lin - posted on 04/04/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son who is two in a couple of weeks isn't speaking fully yet. . . He makes so many sounds such as animal sounds and calls me momma (in a very deep voice) he also calls dad and loo loo (his cousin) and the word yes gets used a bit but that's about it. . . He understands absolutely everything that is said and follows instructions. . . Am I being a bit over the top thinking he needs more words. . . He is our first child. . . X X


Cheryl - posted on 04/04/2014




No, you're not "over the top." At our 2 year appointment, the doc asked if our child spoke 50 words. My answer was "maybe." The doc asked if he spoke 2-word sentences. I said, "no."

Two word sentences are like "I go."

The doc said that if I was concerned, then I should contact my school district. Turns out that most if not all school districts in the USA have an early intervention program. The program identifies kids who need early learning for various reasons.

My son was evaluated by the program and given services right in my home! I learned a lot from the teachers, and my son had an explosion of speech.

My son continued in the program, and at 4 years old, he was evaluated for autism--turns out that he has Aspergers, which is a mild form of autism. Dan Akroyd, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein are all thought to have or have had Aspergers.

Send me a message if you want more on Aspergers.

In the meantime, contact your school district and ask for the "early intervention" or "child find" or "early childhood special education"--keep asking until you get the people you need and don't take "no" for an answer. You pay taxes, so you're entitled.

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