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so its been a while ladies but, just to sum it up i'm in school yay!!!!! (graduate january 2014), working as a home health aide (when i was doing the training from july/2012-November/2012 that's when the problems started) hopefully i can get some helpful advice. so my sons dad was constantly arguing and disrespecting his mom in front of my son to the point that while i was working she would leave me voicemails telling me to come pick up my son and how his dad don't take care of him and he got females around him i ignored it for a few (this started last year) then on january 1 i actually heard it on the phone she called me and they were just going at it and i heard my son crying and it sounded like he was going to hit her calling her all types of bitches. so i took my son and told him i would not have my son come over ever again, he disrespect me told me i was doing all this because supposedly i still have feeling for him and that he don't fucking love me and i was doing it on purpose. Mind u he had the audacity to ask me for MY TAX MONEY only because he was watching him while i was in training and even when i left my son with him my son would cry bloody murder. So him and his family has not seen him since. now i know is affecting my son because he ask me about them so my question is should i contact them to see the baby ? mind you he only have text me twice one for february and one for march and it always leads to arguments. Because he don't know how constantly actually hold a convo. but I'm worried about my son behaviour for example he is constantly angry at everything and always want to fight he sometimes don't eat and throw temper tantrums like a 4yr old and how he looks for a dad in all the men he see in the street. Any POSITIVE advice would be appreciated btw he would be spending summer in columbia with my family because i am going to be in school for 6 classes this summer and my aunt and her husband told me he needed a stable two parent home for a a few.


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Do you have any kind of court agreement for visitation or shared custody? Have you spoken to a lawyer? You may well wish to talk to one to find out where you stand if your son's father decides to play hard ball and file for joint custody. I would do this sooner rather than later and explain to the lawyer about your son's exposure to bad language, adults fighting and that this has been traumatising him.

If your kid wants to see his dad, you may well have to compromise and permit some supervised visitation.

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