Help! Need advice on ADHD Medication options

Nicola - posted on 09/30/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 8 year old son was recently diagnosed with dsylexia and moderate adhd. the therapists and doctors all recommend that he start taking medication. We live in Trinidad and the only ADHD medication available in Concerta. After seeing the possible side affects that are associated with Concerta I did a little research to see if there was anything "safer" on the market. I came across Intuniv and was intrigued as is was a non-stimulant that has minimal, low-risk side effects. As anyone put their child on Intuniv alone and if so, what type of results did you see? I noticed that many moms were told to use BOTH Concerta AND Intuniv as the medications don't seem to work after a while. This is all very new and honestly a bit overwhelming for me to wrap my head around. Can anyone give me advice and or share their experience?
As mentioned, Intuniv is not offered here so I would have to travel to the US with my son in hopes of getting a that seems safer than Concerta, the only option available here. Can anyone shed some light? Want whats best for my son and I hate seeing him struggle every day in school...but if Intuniv is not enough and requires an additional medication then, to me, that defeats the purpose as he'd have to still take the stimulant Concerta. HELP!!


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