Help! Need Advice on dead beat dad that is now denying the kids because I put him on child support...

Carmen - posted on 12/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been through so much with this idiot in 10 years it's ridiculous and true enough its my fault for putting up with so much. And with him he's always up to new tricks! So now that he has his self in a rut, already had two kids from his first kids mom has a son and a baby on the way with me and now the new woman is pregnant as well, it seems he is trying to pick which ones are more important and our kids are being put on the back burner. At first even with his new girlfriend he would ask for his son, text and ask how he is doing and was even getting him regularly. I would even drop our son off with him and his new girlfriend until I took my son from him when I found out he was doing drugs in front of him. Well I proceeded with child support and now the order is final. Now I am hearing people tell me he is saying our son isn't his and my children are suspect. All his family agree our son looks like him. And he looks just like his first kids as well. He now has this temp job but wont tell me the name of the company so I have to wait for child support to find out. Also we have a baby on the way I am actually due today. I am just so fed up I am not even going to tell him when I go into labor because one minute he says he will be there and the next he doesn't. I don't no if its the girlfriend making him behave this way. But like I said we were okay at one point I would drop our son off with the both of them and he would do what he could for our son. But now it's like he's working and he is trying to weed out some things and seems he is making the girlfriend who also has two kids from another relationship but is also pregnant with his child as well more of a priority. What should I do? I hear he is also denying our unborn daughter and how long will it take for child support to locate the employer?


Ev - posted on 12/11/2013




Government doing the work to find things like that out take forever so be prepared to wait on that. My friend deals with this all the time.

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