help need advice with my tough life & ex baby dad

Jennifer - posted on 12/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I met my ex babys dad when we were in 8th grade we were just friends I remember. He kissed me & I cried I didn't like him he liked me I remember. One day my junior year I txt him saying I'm hungry he said lets go out to eat & we did I remember. Looking. At him I likes him we starrted hanging out more he was in a 3 year relationship. With katie they were on & off but he once said I want a baby with u I was shocked. & two months later I was pregnant. He bought a pregnancy test it was positive he was soo happy and I cried than he said I promise. Ima do everything. I can for u guys so he told my mom she was UPSET and he then 2 days later after me being pregnant. He had sex with katie his 3 yr relationship ex gf I cried so much he than said I'm sorry plz take me back and I did but he tgen started to fade and dated a girl name sofia for 6 months thru out my pregnancy. Thoes were depressing. Months than he wanted me bak in march & I took him bak we were expectin a boy in may he did get his act together we moved in to his parents basemen in july & I wold wash his clothes & make him food but his mom would b really controlling over my son she would critizize a lot than I later found out in april when I was pregnant from my son he slept with his 3 yr relationship. Ex I was mad I said I took u back & you did that???? My son was 4 months old I said y would u do this he said steph I was stupid but now that. My son is here I never cheated I love you guys he never did cheat after our son was here. He would alwags be controlling was wat I didn't like and he wudd always wna go out with his friends instead of being with us he worked. Two jobs & wudd wna spend it with his boys we got in an argument. One nifht he talked bad about my dad so I pushed him & he punched me rwice and I cried his mom came downstairs. Yelling at me last time u hit him his sister was mad next time u hit him hell just beat ur ass so I moved out & said u need to come with me to my moms he didn't. Want to then he later did move in with me but was home sick he was cranky my birthday came up I was happy because. I won a $3000 scholarship. He was happy for me and boufht me a flowers and balloon for my birthday. Than he was going to go to his moms house with my son & I had to work I knew she mifht put thoughts in his head so I called him on my break & said hows qre baby he said wat do u want I'm moving out idgaf if u cry I'm not going to fall for it I said why r u doing this hw later picked. Me up from work & said don't hug me pr touch me tonight I said y r u here he said so u wont steal my stuff I cried all night... the next day I had to work but I couldn't because. He was my ride & he wasn't going to take me so I called & quit the manager said stuff to me I didn't care because she would tell my x u can do better than. Her she looks retarted .... my x called me & said u quit I said yes than he said ull nvr make it to college I cried that wasn't right I said u dropped out of hs and didn't. Graduate so don't tell me wat I can't do.... he said pack my stuff & I did I even washed his dirty clotges and than packed it he came home that night and waited for my parents to leave the living room so he can leave he than said ur a bad mom he was telling me how happy he is to move out he put a song on YouTube. That sang goodbye. My friends he imitated me crying which I wasn't and said cry idgaf he said I never hit any of my gfs but u because. U provoked. Me I feel like I was a bad gf he left and said don't tell me hug me he broke my heart when he left ge than txt me saying can qe spend Thanksgiving. Together with ur family I said no u treated me like crap before. U left... n than my friends told me he wrote afb status saying idk how to tellvu how I feel about u tht broke my heart I wondered how can he move on so fast so I txt him saying can I ask u something. Have u moved on he said no haha I made a bet at work with my coworkers. That sumhow u will read or see it & now when I show then ur txt ill win $25 thnxx what person does that!!!

Feeling depressed will he ever regret loosing. Me? ?? Or leaving me???
Were both 18 now. Before he left I told him u wanted a baby remember y r u leaving me he said just because we have a baby doesn't mean we have to b togeter.


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Jodi - posted on 12/31/2013




He's right. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you have to be together. It sounds to me like you BOTH have a lot of growing up to do for the sake of your child. Your ex has the right to be a father to his child without having to be a boyfriend to you, and you need to stop taking him back and start moving on with your life. You also need to stop relying on him to get to work and become independent for the sake of your child.

You need to talk to a lawyer and file for custody/visitation orders and child support. Until you get those, (1) he can take the child and return him as he chooses and you have no legal right to stop that and (2) he can avoid paying support for his child, when he is legally obligated to assist in providing financial support.

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