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Nicole - posted on 04/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help Moms!! I have no idea what to do! my son is almost 5 months old and has started eating solids ( doc advised it) he has a bottle at 10, 2 and then 5 and no matter what i do he will always wake up, sometimes even more than that at night, im close to tears as im exhuasted and im running out of options, i also work so im really needing sleep, i just dont know what to do anymore :(


Elfrieda - posted on 04/22/2013




Oh, poor you. :( My 5 month old does the same and everyone just says there's nothing to be done.

A couple of nights ago I figured out something that probably I should have much earlier, but my brain's not working so well! She's cold. That's why she wakes so much! So I doubled up on the sleepers and blankets, and the last 2 nights she only woke up once or twice. (midnight and 5 or 6 am - when she wakes at 6 I count that as morning, but if she wakes at 5 I'm going back to bed!)

Since he's taking bottles, the most obvious solution is to share the feedings. So your husband takes one, and you take one. That would help already, but maybe a friend or mother would come over and be in charge of the baby for 2 or 3 nights while you pay down some of your sleep debt.

If he's not hungry, I'd leave him in his crib to cry a little bit before getting him up (basically training him to wake up fully just because he's bored, which is exactly what you don't want). Or get him in bed beside you and pat him while he cries and you can sort of doze while you're doing it.

I hope he starts sleeping longer soon!

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