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Bella - posted on 06/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Me and the father of my child were engaged and our daughter is almost one. We are both teen parents and he was doing really good. Then one day I asked him to clean up after himself, and he literally stood up, packed his crap and left. He then moved in with his brothers and his dad, he made an online dating profile and starting screwing some girl off there and admitted it . They've been 'seeing' eachother for three weeks now and he insists that my daughter is going to meet the hoe weather I like it or not. I will never comprehend nor understand how someone could do something like this to me.. And there child. I refuse to let him take my daughter out of my house and he has seen her for an hour in the last three weeks. I am so hurt, and so bitter and so angry at him and it's getting in the way of proper parenting . He always calls me a horrible person and stuff but I don't know what to do anymore. This guy went behind my back and screwed this girl I grew up with and was at OUR baby shower. And yet I forgave him. I know me and my daughter deserve better, but my heart says one thing and my head says another. I just need some advice :(


Michelle - posted on 06/09/2013




Has it been his choice not to see your daughter or have you refused for him to see her? You don't have any rights to refuse your daughter and her Father having a relationship, no matter how much you hate him, it's not her fault.

I wouldn't be forgiving him but try and move on. Get some custody agreement in place and get him to pay child support.

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