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Ashley - posted on 01/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




First off I want to start by saying I know I may be sounding selfish as there are many others in WORSE situations!!

So, on that note...I am currently 25 weeks pregnant, I have a 2 year old who is very much in her terrible twos, My husband is away for work, gone until the end of March, 2 time zones away!

I am an emotional wreck, don't have an appetite, feels sick when I do eat, stressed to the max with my husband being away, and a toddler who refuses to listen.

I don't have any immediate family close by, I do have my in-laws who have offered to help out with my daughter (which I feel guilty about) I have a friend from back home coming to stay off and on while hubby's away, but things aren't looking up!

I have recently received news that my Glucose Screening Test was a little high, so having to go back for the Glucose Tolerance Test this week, scared shitless of the results!! Everyone keeps telling me to relax, breathe, you can do this...although none of it seems to help...none of them have been in this situation, and they're not me...

Like I stated previously, I know I probably sound a bit selfish as many other people are in a worse place than I am..Hubby's only gone 3 months, he is coming back, and hes not oversees having god knows what launched at him.


Erin - posted on 01/07/2012




Yes, there may be others in much worse spots than you, but it sounds like YOUR world is in great turmoil. It sounds like you have at least a cordial relationship with your inlaws. I think it may help you if you sat down with them and said that you need help, but you don't want to take advantage of them. Work out an arrangement that will help ease your burden with the understanding that they can tell you when it's wearing them out without any hard feelings.
As far as your toddler goes, she probably realizes that something is "up" with Mommy and since Daddy is gone, is trying to figure out if the boundaries and rules have changed. I understand this all too well, since my 4yo and 2yo boys have spent the past month doing just that since my husband has just deployed. Just be firm and consistent with the discipline.
It also sounds like people are trying to encourage you. However, it also sounds like it's not helping. It's tough, but you may need to take a moment to figure out what would encourage you to hear and tell people. Your stress level and the fact that you aren't eating well could contribute to your high glucose level. You won't be a bad mother if you let others help you more with your daughter because right now you have a child that is entirely dependant on you and taking care of yourself will be taking care of that child.
I hope this has helped you some. Best wishes.

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