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Hi, I need a womans point of view on this. I am very worried about how much time our 6 year old son plays on his Nintendo DS / Ipad / Xbox It’s the first thing he gets when he wakes up, has it on the school run and plays on it when he gets home at 4pm on and off until about 7.30pm. I feel these games cause more harm than good when used to excess and it causes massive tantrums some times when its taken off him etc
I don’t mind him using these devices but all in moderation in my opinion but therein lies the problem. When I broach the subject of limits etc with my wife she just will not discuss it and accuses me of been controlling, too bossy and even bullying.
I only want the best for my sons development and feel that we should have some rules / guidelines in places but she appears to absolutely hates the idea of this. This causes us both a tremendous amount of stress and we are so far apart on our opinions. It is having a really bad affect on our marriage and I do not know what to do for the best.
I want to know am I making an unreasonable request ??as I just don’t know anymore….i just feel like a killjoy but deep down think I am in the right. How do I approach things with my wife when she hates talking about subjects like this and just seems to switch off. I am a very worried Dad and husband who is desperate for some advice…….Richard


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I agree with you 100%. This is absolutely too much time on a device/computer game for a child this age. He should be limited with the amount he can use these, particularly on school days. In our house, we don't EVER have games before school, and definitely not in the car on the way to school. After school, they may use them for a short time, but ONLY if homework is done. Most nights they choose not to and would often prefer to watch a little TV (and in the good weather, go outside). Weekends I tend to be more relaxed about it.

Is it possible that your wife hates the idea because she knows it is going to cause big tantrums? Because it will. And the chances are she will be the one that has to deal with them? The trouble is, when you aren't allowing kids to use their games/have lots of screen time, you actually have to entertain them! My kids are very good at entertaining themselves when I need them to, but that is through years of them having LEARNED to be creative without the machines. They know HOW to play without them. If your 6 year old is this addicted, it is probable that if you restrict him, he will create issues. Maybe she just doesn't want to have to deal with that?

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