help needed with abusive son

Melissa - posted on 03/18/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Iam a parent of 3 boys. 19, 7 and 18 in 5 weeks. Living with My soon to be 18 yr old is like living a nightmare. He is constantly terrorizing the family. He is extremely rude and disrespect full. He calls us names and constantly lying to us and about us. He steals from my room and purse. He breaks into locked cabinets, garages and lies about it. He purposely hits my youngest son and throws the cats on his face. He is a senior in high school and has lied to the school several times causing them to send cps out three times for all accusations found false.
He refuses to do chores and even shower. He has been through several counselors that have either given up on him or been too manipulated by him.
He has evwn purposely caused over $17, 000 damage to our home when he broke a pipe that flooded our kitchen and living room. He has no remorse for the things he is doing. My 7 yr old is terrified of him. I have to lick up everything even my 7 yr olds toys because he will break them on purpose. I have to lock up all knifes in fear of what he will do to us our dogs and our property.
He is saying he wants to move out with this other family from church when hes 18, but they want money we dont have.
Can we kick him out for not follow ing the rules and terrorizing the family?

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