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Cara - posted on 05/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby turned 8 months recently and has started to crawl and stand herself up. She used to sleep through the night, now she is waking up 2-3 times per night and staying up for 1 -2 hours! It's driving me crazy. The first week, I picked her up, rocked her and she eventually would fall back asleep (that is when she was waking once a night). Now recently, now that she is crawling better, she is waking up more!! I can't keep picking her up and last night we finally had to let her CIO at 2 am, after waking up for the 3rd time! Please do not leave negative comments about CIO. But I do need help! Has anyone else gone through this and how do we get past it!


Madhuri - posted on 05/06/2013




Hi cara
I too had the same issuewhen my daughter turned seven months old. She is 21 months old but even now does that specially when she is going through some milestone. Are you a stay at home mom coz I am and I can tell you what I did. Sometimes my husband and I would take turns staying awake. Or I worked around my schedule around hers and would wake up late and sleep whenever she did. She had a rough pattern in it too. Try to find out for your baby. It was really rough and hard to get used too and this phase lasted for quite sometime. I made the misteke of trying to finish my housework when she slept during the day instead of napping. I used to end up exhausted and cranky and frustrated and in tears at night. So it is best if you just cover the essential jobs and leave the rest for later. Yes, the house will be a mess but you, ll be sane. I also became depressed at that time due to sleep deprivation. See if you can get someone to take over while youtake small naps in the daytime. This phase may or may not last longbut just think of how many things yiur baby is learning and doing in this time and hence is having trouble adjusting. This will act like a light at the end of a tunnel and hearten you. Take care.
P.s. there is an interesting theory called wonder weeks. Hit it on the net and see if it helps you. It certainly cheered me up.

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