Help! Nothing is working for my 10 year olds acne

Deb - posted on 05/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone - I am at my wits end with my 10 year olds acne. She is on her 3 round of prescription medication and if anything, it is getting worse. At first, the benzoyl peroxide and sac acid worked. When that stopped, she was prescribed a topical antibiotic which worked great; until she built up a tolerance to it. Now she is on an oral antibiotic with a retinoid cream. I know that you need to put in a good 12 weeks to see results, but we see NOTHING. Luckily her face is not too bad, but her back and chest are awful, and its now starting to cover her shoulders and go up her neck. Now that the nice weather is here she doesn't want to wear short sleeve shirts or v-necks - and doesn't even want to go to camp next month because she'll have to wear a bathing suit; it so heartbreaking! Also tried tea tree oil and all the home remedies and there is just absolutely NO improvement.


Sarah - posted on 05/12/2014




Have you looked at her diet? Not that this would solve the issue, but certain foods make the skin oilier. Pretty much the foods that are not good for you are also the foods that create the skin to be oily. The change in seasons also makes the skin more oily. You will notice that spring and fall are the worst and summer and winter the skin gets somewhat better. There is not much you can do in those off seasons, but just wait it out. A few things that may help is to take showers daily, wash face multiple times a day. You do want to be careful what you use to wash your face with. Even if you are using a product made for oily skin sometimes you may have more breakouts in the beginning as your skin gets use to may also have more breakouts after stop using it as your skin adjusts again. Some things can also dry your skin out too much. I am assuming if she is getting prescription meds she is seeing a dermatologist. I would talk with him/her about what she is experiencing. If you are not seeing one I would suggest that.

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