Help on my Anti-social toddler?

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My 21 month toddler is not very social, she is actually quite shy & will throw a fit if being approached by anyone she doesn't know even kids her own age. If I take her to the park she won't even want to walk around, she would want to go from the swing straight to the stroller. If I even attempt to put her on the floor to play and interact with kids she would cry until picked up. She is also not talking. She would say "Da" to anything, she would say "wow" & "shhhhh" since she has seen her favorite cartoons say it a couple of times, but that is all. I am very concerned she is delayed & like I have failed as a mom. I am a stay at home mom & I have taken care of her always. I am one of those moms that if it's raining I won't even take her out, but I feel like confining her has affected her development. Please help, give me any feed back you guys have other than speak to the doctor which is just a typical response. Thank you in advance.


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She sounds quite normal. Being shy may be part of her personality, and its ok to be shy. She may also be picking up a little anxiety if you are anxious about her behavior. She will respond to how you react because she has that strong connection to you. The connection is a good thing. I would keep exposing her to new situations. Keep taking her to the park, exposing her to other children and don't worry about how she responds. She will begin to come out of her shell. As far as language goes, I wouldn't let her watch too many cartoons. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV at all for children under the age of 2. I would read to her, point out pictures in magazines, point out things that you see outside like flowers, bugs, etc. and repeat them. Say, "what's that?" A flower, and repeat it, point to it and let her see the wonder. You can do the same thing with other things too, like food, body parts, etc. The link that Sara sent is also a good one. Just relax and enjoy her and she will follow suit.

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Anti-social toddlers are fairly normal. Take is slow and don't give up.

As for the speech concerns.... could be nothing, could be something. Speak to her ped about it at her next check up.

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Most children go through some sort of separation anxiety. It's a normal part of development, and your daughter is at the right age for that. That has nothing to do with you being a stay at home mom.

As far as the talking, I think she should be saying more words than that (my unprofessional opinion). I read some great advice in a blog for helping children develop vocabulary. Here is the link:

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