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I am 21 and married and pregnant with my 3rd child.. My husbands not around he cheats and doesn't even call for his kids.. I went to ohio to b with him but I was treated very I came back to canada we are still married and I am alone.. I am raising my other 2 my self me and my mom are not close.. He doesn't even call for his kids or to c how I am doing he blocked me on facebook so I couldn't see what he is doing. I'm so alone and stressed out my life feels so wack.. Y does he treat me and my kids this way.he doesn't even buy diapers or send money for them.. He has multiple girlfriends and through out our 4 year relationship he almost got 5 girls pregnant. Sometimes I hate my self or feel like ending my life but I don't because these kids are my joy.. I was even on anti depressants and anxiety pills but I stopped taking them because I am pregnant.I am stressed and I cry everyday.. I have to get up at 7 and take my 3 year old who is autistic to ibi therapy and I go on the train and bring my 1 year old along.. I am stressed what do I do?????


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You do what you have to for your children and yourself and a start would probably be getting rid of the cheating husband


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Stephanie - posted on 04/03/2011




thank you everyone ..i am looking into divorce i already got a so terrified and scared

Pia - posted on 03/26/2011




Are you seeing a counsellor or psychologist. If you're having thoughts of ending your life you need to have someone to talk to who won't judge.
You poor thing, you need to divorce the sperm donor ASAP and start getting child support. What an absolute dick.
Also look into support groups for depression, antenatal and postnatal depression. You'll meet people who have gone through the hardest parts of depression and who can help you. Please don't think this is something you have to go through on your own! Good luck to you and your babies.

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Yep, time to file for divorce and child support. He is absolutely NOT worth your time or effort. Go and see a lawyer, get it done, and find a way to move forward. This would be not only in your own best interests, but that of your kids as well. You will be amazed how much happier you can be without something like that in your life.

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I am a firm believer in YOU teach people how they are allowed to treat you. If you will not accept something then you let that person know and stick to your guns. Just like with parenting. You have allowed this scum to walk all over you for too long. He doesn't respect you ...and he could have brought home diseases to you with all of his cheating. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

go to court..get a divorce in ontario ..which rakes men over the coals and get allimony and child support. You deserve better.

Your children will mimick what they see....I hope to god you don't have daughters because this is not healthy.

Christy - posted on 03/22/2011




You are 1000% better than your sorry A$% husband/BF. Move on ASAP for your kids' sake, and your own. Go to school to get a higher education to be able to take care of yourself and your family. You deserve better than this, and don't ever think for ONE MOMENT that taking your life is a good thing. What would your kids do if you did that? Message me ANYTIME you need to talk/vent. I am a counselor and won't judge you. Please be safe!

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File for divorce and put him on child support. Then do the best that you can to forget that 'man' exists and focus on what is best for you and those kids.

Hang in there!! You CAN do this!!!

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