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Okay, i have a 2 year old daughter with my ex. The whole time we were together we lived with his parents and he strugled with addiction problems, i tryed to help him and he didnt want it so i left him anddmmoved out on my own. i also have a criminal haressment charge and a mischif charge against him and he mjust got a DUI. He doesnt have much of an interest in her and never has, she dosent really ike him but itshis parents that want her. i just moved to newbrunswick with her to get away from all there drama to be with familt here amd have there support. my daughter is much happeier here and i think its for her best interest to be away from him. his parents are making him take me to court for full custoday of her and to make me mover back and im nervous that i will have to. i have a boyfreind here that is amazing and that my daughter loves and thinks is her father and we are very happy and im also exspecting, can they make me move back if im pregnant ?


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This is just my opinion (based on what i know about laws where i'm from, which could be very different to yours) and i strongly recommend you get legal advice........

if you didnt have the father's permission to relocate the child, he can indeed apply to court to have her returned. Whether this happens or not i'm not sure, it would be up to the court to consider how long it has been since the move, how settled the child is in the new community and what family/friend support network you have there. The fact you're pregnant may also be considered because they would then effectively be removing another child from his/her parent. As for custody, he wont get sole unless he can prove you are unfit as a mother. The court will likely give him some access to her. Perhaps its better if you file for residency and give him supervised visitation? Remember, family courts view is that its in the child's best interest to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents. They dont take exclusion of a parent lightly

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