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Im a stay at home mom i have two boys one lives me and the other comes over couple days out of the week. My two year old throws really bad fits and i think alot of it has to do with him not seeing me as much as the baby does and he has jelousy but not my 10 month old is doing it and it freaks me out im not the kinda of person that wants to hold a baby 24/7 to make them stop crying i have tried to set him down i have set him up with toys and hes fine until i walk away and school is really hard so if theres any moms out there that can give me so ideas i would really be thankful cause this mom is stumped i just got him sleeping threw the nite being a mom is not easy but i wouldnt trade it for anything.

i really cant get no me time inless hes napping and it shouldnt be like that not at all


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Thanks for taking the time to help me and I do give him strong time outs and there starting to work also please don't get me wrong I hold my baby but I'm not gonna let him think everytime I walk away he has to cry he has to understand that he don't need to be on my hip and I won't allow it. It just makes for extra problems later so idk thank again so much

Dove - posted on 12/04/2012




Sorry to say, but it sounds like both your boys are 100% normal. 2 year old kids are 'known' for their fits... and 10 months is a prime time for separation anxiety to hit.

Spending some extra fun time w/ your 2 year old when you do have him and being firm, but gentle and consistent about the fits (time out and not giving in, but giving attention and comfort when he's ready to calm down) can help... but most of it is just a matter of time and maturity.

I AM the type to hold a separation anxiety riddled baby, so.... no tips there.

Good luck!

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