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My daughter 5yr old daughter diagnosed with having a rare type of complex partial seizures. she has never had any health issues before hand. she's very violent while having the seizures. doctors put her on trileptal. she's always been hyper and a little stubborn but now her behavior is OUT OF CONTROL. I was in the hospital again with her about two weeks ago bc she started having the seizures again. when it happens they are back to back. she just stares and becomes very violent blood shot red from head to toe looses control of bladder repeats herself, but she also says strange things. the children's hospital is a while away from where I live so every time we have went they have never actually seen her have a seizure! bc the closest hospital always stops it before i get there. this last time they took her off seizure medicine bc the three day eeg showed nothing. but she didn't have a seizure while running the test. they said maybe its her "acting" like a behavorial problem then said maybe something traumatized her. They questioned her and said they have no reason to believe that. I left there with no answers and still have none! She's so angry yells at me constantly, is lazy, is scared to be by herself, says things like she wished she didn't have a mom or she hates me or she hopes she or me dies. I really need help. I have got to find some answers. Please any advice!

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