Help, please before I go crazy.

Brandi - posted on 05/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok, so my daughter is 19 months old now and she still is not sleepig through the night. She sleeps in her own bed but wakes up at least 3 to 4 times a night...wanting a bottle. Which leads me to my second question, any tips on easing her off the bottle? If tried straight taking it from her and letting her cry but she is relentless and does not just fall asleep or give in and take her cup, she throws her cup and literally cried ALL night until she was making herself sick, I did this for about 2 nights, I dont know what else to do. So I guess to be blunt how do I get my daughter off the bottle and to sleep through the night?


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Sarah - posted on 05/23/2011




hi there just wondering does ur child have a good appetite i found with my son he had poor appetie which meant that he woke up every few hour for his bottle i feel that milk only makes ur child feel full for a few hours then wake up again and again and again what i did i stopped his bottles completely i let him scream all nite long this took him a week to get over it but it did work sometimes he will ask for his bottle and i tell him that he is a big boy now big boys dont have bottles and i done the same with dummies this does work. i found that my son coming off bottles made his appetit increase and now he sleeps all nite . hope this has helped you.

Schyla - posted on 05/23/2011




you might try slowly watering down the bottle if she take milk or juice in it start of with 1 oz of water and the rest milk and each week slowly make it more water then milk until it's all water as for the sleeping through the night thing rubbing her back and offering another item to sooth with are really good options it's a long process. But have no fear she's not gonna start preschool needing a bottle and if you can get it so all that's in it is water then she'll be less likely to want it.

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Does she still need a bottle to nap with? Maybe work with deleting this aspect.... or change our her needs like give her a back rub, talk to her, and try a pacifier or something else.. even a stuffed animal? My son looooooves fuzzy blankets and buries his face in them before he sleeps. She really needs to find a self soothing technique that works, which is going to be harder for you since she is older and she is able to run around and throw harder tantrums. I would try helping her at nap time and then in a week or two move it to bedtime routine. It is going to take longer than 2 days, and I hear the first 2 days are extremely horrible when they are this age (my MIL went through this with my bf so she insisted we self soothe earlier on and i'm grateful for her persistance) She said it took her a week and he trashed his entire room and it was a nightmare but it eventually worked so just know you can do it, it is hard, but it should only take a week or a bit longer. Try whatever you can when you look up 'self soothing' methods during naps times and when your well rested, go back to the bedtime problem.

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