Help please ,......... I have a 4 year old boy. He doesn't want to go school ..why...?

Leeza - posted on 05/23/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Actually , I am worried about my son's this behavior..He don't like to go I sometimes force him to go...pls give me an idea for solving this problem


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I'm assuming he's in pre-school and sometimes, if it's his first time, it's overwhelming. My daughter was the same way. I had her in a cooperative though so I got to work in the classroom once a week with her and that helped.

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My 4-year old hates preschool. We just moved and he hates his new preschool as well. Talking to the teachers and other moms at the preschools, he is doing fine at school. He interacts with the other kids and teachers, but he cries and protests every morning when I drop him off. He tells me that he rather goes shopping with me than going to school. He also doesn't talk about his school at home, so I get the inside scoop from the other kids. ;)
Our daughter was the exact opposite. She loved preschool and still loves going to school.
I think it's a boy thing. Every kids is different. We compromised. Our son now goes 3 days per week and gets to spend 2 days with me. That way he still gets to socialize at school and get his mommy time. I am sure he will get over it. Good luck!

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The first step is to find out WHY he doesn't want to go and take steps to see about resolving that issue. Is it the teacher? Some of the other kids? Structure or lack of structure? Seperation from you? Etc....

The advice I would give would differ depending on what his reason/s is/are.....

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I'd wonder what's going on at school that he doesn't want to go. Did you ask him? My daughter's 4 and all she does at school is play, paint, color, recess, snack. what's not to like? So, I'd say there is something going on and probably need to find out - from son or teachers - why he's not liking school or what he isn't liking about it. My 4 year old is VERY talkative. If I asked her a question, i'd get an hour long answer. couldn't hurt to ask son what the deal is.


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Leeza - posted on 05/25/2011




thank u moms for your really help me to go with the problem :))

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Is this your son's first type of socializing? Have you been involved with playgroups? Boys tend to mature more slowly than girls, up to two years behind. Just because he doesn't like school now, doesn't mean he won't like it later. If his maturity level is lower, it's okay to have him in preschool an extra year and wait 'til he's six to put him in Kindergarten, especially if he hasn't caught onto what his preschool teacher is teaching him.

You definitely should discuss with your son and his teacher what might be bothering him about school. Do plenty of socializing with other kids his age, and if possible, give him the summer off to help him forget his dislike of school!

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You have not offered a lot of information, it could be so many things. Maybe he is tired? Maybe he needs a protine based breakfast? Maybe the school has too many kids and he feels overwhelemed? Maybe there is something/someone there he doesn't like? Maybe he wants to be home with you? Maybe he misses you?

Have you spoken with his teacher? Is this new behavior? Has he just started at the school?

And, sometimes, parents just need to make the kid go, but really they love once they arrive.

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hi there just like to say some children at that age dont like school because they feel its not fun cos the have to sit and learn , where as for 4 years of their life they play and do what they want in their own time ,school age is difficult for them to adjust . the other problem could be that he maybe being bullied have you tried asking ur son y he doesnt like school.

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