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Hi to all you moms out there my name is Laura and I REALLY NEED HELP SAVING MY TWO TENNAGE GIRLS. They just turned 15 and 14 they live i Fla and and I am in Pa .We were divorced in 20008 He made sure he got everything and literally tru me out on the street the girls were 8and 9 at the time.He was VERY ABUSIVE to me in every sense of the word. The divorce gives us what Fla calls shared parental responsibility. They live with him but i have visitation which he has NEVER given me nor offered to bring the girls to me.I am to have telephonic communication at ALL times he denies me that. We are supposed to make ANY decisions concering their medical treatment and any school info stuff like that is to be made jointly he is not doung that He has his new wife by the way is 26 and he is 50 on all paperwork concerning MY GIRLS.She tells me that I am not allowed to talk to or see them ever again that i suck as a mother and that the girls hate me and want nothing to do with me. WELL I FOUND OUT THAT IS ALL A LIE i found out tru finally my youngest sent me a text this Oct and then my oldest finally got a hold of me on Oct 29 for the the first time in almost 4yrs.She told me that they were telling her that I wanted nothing to do with her or her sister and i was also told that they didnt even know that i was luving in Pa. Now just this past week both of my girls have told me that their stepmom is telling my oldest that she has no freinds that she is worthless that she is a monster and she is stupid i found from her that the week before she stabbed herself with a pen .She is extremely depressed and talks about killing herself.My youngest told me that her stepmom took her ipad from smashed ans told her she has no freinds and that she's stupid and threatens to punch her in the head and slaps her .she also told her she is not getting another ipad she doesn't need one but yet they use them in school so her fteiend lets her use hers thats the only way i can talj to her is when she is in school .The girls are not allowed to go anywhere they are kept in the house my oldest said that the other day she was at the dr and she was talking on her kindle to a freind and her stepmom saw my name got mad so she took the kundle away from her when the got home her own dad grabbed her by her hair threatened to punch her in the face and she grabbed his arm scratched him called him an asshole and walked off he and my yoyngest had to go look fir her my yoyngest told me that that same day their stepmom told them both that they would never see that woman again and that they are not allowed to ever talk to me again .I AM TERRIFIED FOR THEM they said they both want to be with me and they are afraid to be there .but I dont know what to do where to start .I DO NOT want CPS or DCF involved cause they LIE BIGTIME and if they get invoved i will NEVER see my girls again .I cant afford an attorney but they are crying out for help I am so worried i cant even sleep and the weekends are rhe worst because then I have no contact at all wirh them If anyone has any ideas plaese let me know I want to get them out of there ASAP I dont even know if i have the right legally to remove them bcause I have proof of the abuse and take them up here with me and file for emergency temporary custody or even full custody.Please help me with this any info would be VERY much appreciated Thankyou Laura


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You've asked this one before. Clearly you didn't like the answers you received last time. Sorry, but if your daughter is self harming and threatening suicide, you have an OBLIGATION to call CPS. This isn't about you but about that child. Don't you dare refuse to get an agency nominated to protect children involved because YOU may never see those girls again. If you truly care about that child, you will do whatever you have to in order to save HER without considering how YOU feel about it. Stop being selfish!

YOU are the one who moved away from Florida. That was a choice YOU made. You DID leave your children. If you had remained in Florida you may have been able to exercise your rights over the years, because you could have filed contempt. But it is a little difficult to do that when you chose to move away. He didn't have to let the girls visit you interstate.

Perhaps you should, if you are so concerned, move BACK to Florida and try to visit your daughters there. But I will say, without a lawyer, you are going to be pushing uphill without involving CPS. At least contacting them, if they remove the girls, they may place them with you - but let's face it, you moved away and haven't seen them in years and clearly have done nothing about it. It doesn't look good. However, the girls may also be at an age where if you filed for custody, they would get to have a say in the proceedings and their wishes may be considered. But you ARE probably going to have to move back to their home state.

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