HELP PLEASE!! Nearly 3, doesn't talk, smears poo, no sleep till 3hrs after bedtime

Milly - posted on 06/04/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Oh my gosh, I need help. My son is 3 in August and he doesn't say ANYTHING, doesn't attempt a conversation, doesn't give us any finger pointing to what he wants nothing. We've been thinking he was autistic for a few weeks but then we realised he had an ear infections and since that cleared up he was coming out with a few more words and repeating after us (something a 1 year old would do) there's autism on his dad's side, so it's not uncommon in the family. Anyways the past week has been a nightmare, he likes to take his clean nappy off (takes his zip up onesie off too) and poos in his room, he's in a normal toddler bed and has been for a year or so, but he will stand at his safety gate no crying or complaining and poos, then it goes all over the gate, door, walls, bedding. This is 3 hrs AFTER bedtime, we've cut his naps short to make sure he's tired for bedtime, tried reading books, he laughs at us and decides to jump on his bed, I have a very short fuse when this happens so he KNOWS he's going to get wrong but nothing registers with him, I cry in front of his and he just looks blank and continues playing or watching TV. We've tried literally everything. I have an appointment with a paediatrician this month but oh my gosh until then I feel like I can't cope, we have an 8 month old too who has a heart problem so we've not had it easy at all, we are looking after both kids as best we can, it's nothing we are doing because I know when I'm being a little unfair to him. If anyone can help, or give a suggestion as to what can help please feel free, there's other strange things he does I case anyone recognises anything
Plays with wheels, quite obsessed with them actually
Looks past you when you talk
Laughs when he gets told off
Doesn't sleep till 3 hrs past bedtime
Cannot string a sentence at all
Lines figures up and leaves them (doesn't play)
Doesnt interact with kids at nursery
The poop thing


Michelle - posted on 06/04/2014




A friend of mine has a severely autistic son and she has onesies made with a zip up the back so he can't take them off. He likes to be naked so that was their solution. He is now 12.
I was going to suggest going to see a doctor but see you already have an appointment.

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