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Anna - posted on 01/31/2013




if her epilepsy is under control, let her control her life. once she has turned 18 i dont really know there is much you could do to stop her.
i dont know the effect that sleep and anxiety disorders have on your life, but i have had severe epilepsy since i was 8 years old and for as long as i remember was determined not to let it control my life. i moved out of home at 18. my epilepsy was as under control as it was gonna get and i was ready to live my life.
i know my mum worried about me too! its only natural to worry, but if your daughter is mature enough to do make good decisions, take her meds regularly (if she is on them), make doctor apointments that need to be made. let her take that step and trust that she will be ok. let her know you will always be there for if things dont work out, but hope for the best.
owning my own life and not having epilepsy own my life has been so important to me. it might be an obstical, but you dont need to let it get in the way of living a normal and full life.
best of luck to you and your daughter in taking the next step :)

Dove - posted on 01/31/2013




Are her disorders under control? If so.... just try not to worry and let her know that you are always available if she needs you. If not... talk to her doctors/counselors about the best option. Perhaps there is more of a 'group home' type of setting she can go to where she's 'on her own' in her own apartment, but there is assistance available if she needs it.

'I' have anxiety issues and sleep ones too and I've managed just fine on my own for years. The epilepsy would have me concerned if it's not controlled though.

Brianna - posted on 01/31/2013




my daughter is turning 18 in 2 1/2 months and wants to move out and i dont know what to do she has health issues like eplipsy, sleeping and anxiety disorder what do i do? or can do?

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