Help Please: Talipes, Tip toeing and the Ponseti Method.

Rubaiya - posted on 06/22/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I would like to apologise for a long post, I just want to give a history of my son so that anyone advising can understand the situation better before I ask the question. I had my son November 2014 and he is my first. I immediately noticed his feet pointed in. I mentioned it to the nurses and they said he had positional Talipes and it will correct itself with some stretching exercises which I was shown before leaving the hospital. I did the exercises everytime I remembered. I noticed improvement. 5 months down the line when I hold him and make him stand on my thighs, I noticed his heels didn't touch down. I took him to the GP and she didnt seem concerned. When it didn't go away I returned and asked to be referred to a physiotherapist. We attended once a month from summer last year, after few appointments there was no much improvement, he reached all milestones in time, when he started cruising and standing by holding furnitures he was still tip toeing. The physiotherapist referred us to the children hospital and he was put on a list, he turned one and was still not walking or standing hands free. When he turned 18 months and no appointment yet, I returned to the GP and she did few tests to make sure he doesn't have other underlying problems I.e.if he can pick small things, flip pages of a book, understands when told NO and things of that nature. She was satisfied he was developing normal. I asked her to write a reminder to the childrens hospital and a week later she called me stating he is already on the emergency list and all I can do is wait. I couldn't wait any longer so I requested her to refer me to any private practise so I can get second opinion. I went and the dr there said my son's Talipes is not positional but the real Talipes and he will need the Ponseti treatment, his feet are more tight when stepping down rather than being pointed inward or outward. Fast forwarding almost three weeks later he has had two casts already and the third one will be put in tomorrow. My question to parents who have gone through similar situation with their kids or know of anyone who has is : Since my son has never walked hands free prior the treatment, how long untill they can walk on their own and will he walk?

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